Kayla & Kelsey Jung

Deja vu, is the words that best described this session, although it took some time for it to actually hit me, actually at the end of the session while I was visiting with Mrs. Noelle, it finally dawned on me, where I was.

Rewind to an hour prior to our session,  I was driving in, feeling fully confident I knew where I was going, as I knew the name of the road they lived down... Or so I thought. Well, in a way I was right, it just no longer connected, I was just on the wrong end!! After emails, my phone dropping calls, and skitzing out, I was so afraid that Mrs. Noelle, considered me an amateur, and not someone serious about her work! Thankfully that was not the case! Once I realized I had to haul butt to the other side of Coldspring, with adequate cell service I found my way to their house. Upon pulling in I recognized the ornate gate, a cutting horse silhouette, it was then that this little seed was planted that I have been here before, I just couldn't place it.

Upon meeting Kayla and Kelsey, they were very quiet and reserved, but oh! Their love for their horses and the sport the competed in was radiating and easily broke down their walls so we could have fun!

I did something a little different in this session than I do most, I just let these girls interact with their horses. I coached some poses, but overall I let these girl interpret what they wanted to do with that idea. Before too long, I had girls hanging upside down off the backs of the most solid, sandstill,, bomb proof horses. My jaw and belly ached from all the laughs and smiles we got out of them.

These two were such a joy to watch, and even more so when I put the spotlight on them being sisters. It made my heart oh so happy, watching them enjoy eachother, even if it was just for a few shots. They were just precious.

I enjoy these session most, as horses will always be my first love, and something I will always have a passion to chase, so when I get to meet 'horse people' I dive deep into conversations, some that my husband calls a 'foreign language conversation', because as any horse person knows, there is a such thing as 'horse talk'. Noelle and I chatted it up about so many things, from the girls, dogs, horses, homes, wrecks, and so much more. We got to talking about their place after I complimented their gorgeous place. They had rolling hills, IN COLDSPRING YALL! It is breathtaking. I could stay out there all day!

She began telling me about how they got this place, and that the older man who owned it just fell in love with the girls, and ask them to make an offer (totally making a long story much shorter), which they did, and he accepted it. She dropped only his first name, and man talk about a freight train of memories hitting me!!

Harlyn Nagel. An old cow horse trainer, breeder, and businessman. I learned so much from this man, and hes highly respected in my eyes and life. It was so heartwarming to hear Noelle talk about how he fell in love with the girls' love for riding and horses, and blessed them with this beautiful place for them to grow and to continue to ride!

Blessings are every where yall!

Carrol, Martha, Bolo & 50!

When I first received Carrol's email, I truly didn't know what door God just opened, but I am thankful He did. For a few weeks we emailed back and forth discussing this shoot. I read a long descriptive email about this young lady, who is extremely accomplished in the horse industry (which is a total understatement, this girl is phenomenal), loves what she does, genuinely loves her horses, and has the best heart I've ever known.

My trip up to Fredericksburg wasn't easy to say ...the least, but we will save that story for the blog, but I was always told that when you're doing something right, ,and in the right time, you'll always face adversities, but the ability to overcome them speaks volumes. By darnit, I overcame!

Since we are here on the blog, this is how my trip began.. Woke up that morning excited to hit the road, had a good bit of ground to cover that morning. Go to throw clothes in the washer and dryer, just to find out my dryer quit heating, while ALL MY WORK CLOTHES WERE IN IT! Not the best moment for this day, and still not the worst. After much frustration I move on and pack what I can that still looks presentable! Jeans and T always work for horsefolk!! Filled up my truck && Loaded up and hit the road. Just as I am getting into Kerrville my truck starts being sluggish, and has no pep what so ever, and then finally dies while going uphill.... I patch in my husband for his input and what to do.... I was 6 hours away from home!!!! After a few minutes of brainstorming between him and friends, the conclusion was my fuel filter, and changing that was a dang chore. Burnt arms, busted knuckles, jerks at the auto parts house, and tons of sweat later, it was replaced and my truck running like a top again. I get to location covered in sweat and oil, and thankfully  my clients understood all too well!!!

I had an amazing opportunity to work with Carrol, meeting her mother and grandmother in the process. All, my kind of people.

When horse people get around other horse people, there's a new language spoken, and its one that speaks directly to my heart!!

I cannot be more thrilled to have Carrol, and her herd a part of this amazing series, and allowing me the gracious chance to capture this all forever in time for her.

Kelsey & Velocity

I couldn't have planned a better evening than the one I had the pleasure of spending with Kelsey and her mare Velocity.

For starters the drive out to her place was breath taking,, and I enjoyed it full with my music blaring and windows down!!! Turning in the driveway I immediately was in awe, and the best was yet to come.

Meeting Kelsey, she is as genuine and sweet as they come. Her passion and knowledge for her horses, this sport, and the life, is a true breath of fresh air. I couldn't be more proud to have her as a part of this awesome series, and she's truly a wonderful addition, not to mention she's beautiful as crazy!!!

Spots, spots, and MORE SPOTS!!! Michelle, Abigail, & Benjamin

I was definitely seeing spots this session! Spots of all shapes, sizes and COLORS!!!
     I had the amazing chance to FINALLY meet Benjamin, a lemon spotted Dalmatian that I have been so eager to meet. His unique color deeply intrigued me, and I just couldn't wait to see him in person. Boy, was he full of life!! Just a BIIIGGGG puppy too!! I was definitely blown away by his personality and playfulness. Upon meeting him, I got a full on hug greeting from that handsome boy, and we were good from then on out!

     When I met Abigail, she was much more contained, calm, gentle and sweet, just like a lady should be. Now, later on in our session, she must have got comfortable because she took off likea rocket!! She played, and begged Benjamin to chase her, and their infamous plastic water bottle toy. It was definitely a joy to watch them.

     Now a little backstory; Dalmatians have always been close to my heart, for many reasons, and the movie was not the reason. I was fortunate enough to grow up with an amazing Dalmatian named Tootsie Roll, "Rollers", "Dot", "Dottie" and so many other nicknames we gave her. She was a spaz, but nonetheless a very loving and unforgettable dog. I remember she would sleep on our couch with a blanket and pillow covering herself up like a human. I'm not sure if she knew she was a dog? Or if she thought she was a human? Either way, she made life very interesting. Rollers was with our family for a long time, until her passing, which was very hard on us all. She is truly missed every day, and being given the opportunity to come out to Michelle's and meet all her spotted babies, definitely made my day and her memory shine even brighter.

     Michelle, thank you for allowing me to come out and meet ALL of your precious Dalmatian kids! You truly are an inspiring young woman, ,and one I am proud to call friend!

Be the Blue Horse, in the Pasture Full of Brown.... Taylor, AJ, Monte & Nellie

Not many, or if any, non horse people would understand the deep love affair a girl has with a blue horse! Something about them!!

Let me tell you a little about Ms. Taylor, and her herd; yes she does have some sorrels, bays, and her gorgeous blues, but none of those beautiful colors could completely make up this girl - she's so much more than a colorful herd of ponies! Taylor and I struck up a friendship in the most unlikely of places, and man I am so thankful for her!f

She shares with me, her beautiful array of horses, lets me get in my horse smell fix (non horse people, no judging!!! similar to a newborn baby smell fix), and we get to talk 'Horse Talk". Its a whole different language than anything you've ever heard before.

Working with Taylor is nothing short of a blast, We laugh, together and at one another, like when I try to run across the pasture, nearly breaking my ankle, or when a nosey neighbor happens to be out while changing outfits, nonetheless - our sessions are down right fun.

I couldn't be more proud to call Taylor my friend, and I am so grateful she lets me capture these beautiful moments between all her four legged loves.

This time she debuted her newest little love, who has the big ego of a quarter horses, but is about a quarter of the size.. or smaller!

Thank you again Taylor!

Mattie & Cysco

She's just some kind of wild....

Let her laugh, live, love and roam free

The world is her canvas, and she's merely the artist.
 -Alyssa Henderson


     Mattie is my firecracker, my wild child, and my little muse of my AWP Ladies. There's such an uplifting and fearless air about this young lady, its amazingly refreshing.

     As always our session require a little too much goofing off, laughing, new inside jokes and either one or both of us in the water! This time it was her!! (Thankfully!!)

     We have always had the same vision and play it up with both our styles, creating some one of a kind work, that's admired all over.

     We had plenty of time to laugh during this session, between the newfound feeling of riding bareback while bare butt; learning to balance on your horse's back while hanging off the side, and mastering the art of staying out of the sticker briars!

     Needless to say, this was another session for the books for Mattie and I. Definitely a new favorite for me. I am extremely proud to know this young lady, and I cannot wait to see what she does with her future.