Be the Blue Horse, in the Pasture Full of Brown.... Taylor, AJ, Monte & Nellie

Not many, or if any, non horse people would understand the deep love affair a girl has with a blue horse! Something about them!!

Let me tell you a little about Ms. Taylor, and her herd; yes she does have some sorrels, bays, and her gorgeous blues, but none of those beautiful colors could completely make up this girl - she's so much more than a colorful herd of ponies! Taylor and I struck up a friendship in the most unlikely of places, and man I am so thankful for her!f

She shares with me, her beautiful array of horses, lets me get in my horse smell fix (non horse people, no judging!!! similar to a newborn baby smell fix), and we get to talk 'Horse Talk". Its a whole different language than anything you've ever heard before.

Working with Taylor is nothing short of a blast, We laugh, together and at one another, like when I try to run across the pasture, nearly breaking my ankle, or when a nosey neighbor happens to be out while changing outfits, nonetheless - our sessions are down right fun.

I couldn't be more proud to call Taylor my friend, and I am so grateful she lets me capture these beautiful moments between all her four legged loves.

This time she debuted her newest little love, who has the big ego of a quarter horses, but is about a quarter of the size.. or smaller!

Thank you again Taylor!