Mattie & Cysco

She's just some kind of wild....

Let her laugh, live, love and roam free

The world is her canvas, and she's merely the artist.
 -Alyssa Henderson


     Mattie is my firecracker, my wild child, and my little muse of my AWP Ladies. There's such an uplifting and fearless air about this young lady, its amazingly refreshing.

     As always our session require a little too much goofing off, laughing, new inside jokes and either one or both of us in the water! This time it was her!! (Thankfully!!)

     We have always had the same vision and play it up with both our styles, creating some one of a kind work, that's admired all over.

     We had plenty of time to laugh during this session, between the newfound feeling of riding bareback while bare butt; learning to balance on your horse's back while hanging off the side, and mastering the art of staying out of the sticker briars!

     Needless to say, this was another session for the books for Mattie and I. Definitely a new favorite for me. I am extremely proud to know this young lady, and I cannot wait to see what she does with her future.