Carrol, Martha, Bolo & 50!

When I first received Carrol's email, I truly didn't know what door God just opened, but I am thankful He did. For a few weeks we emailed back and forth discussing this shoot. I read a long descriptive email about this young lady, who is extremely accomplished in the horse industry (which is a total understatement, this girl is phenomenal), loves what she does, genuinely loves her horses, and has the best heart I've ever known.

My trip up to Fredericksburg wasn't easy to say ...the least, but we will save that story for the blog, but I was always told that when you're doing something right, ,and in the right time, you'll always face adversities, but the ability to overcome them speaks volumes. By darnit, I overcame!

Since we are here on the blog, this is how my trip began.. Woke up that morning excited to hit the road, had a good bit of ground to cover that morning. Go to throw clothes in the washer and dryer, just to find out my dryer quit heating, while ALL MY WORK CLOTHES WERE IN IT! Not the best moment for this day, and still not the worst. After much frustration I move on and pack what I can that still looks presentable! Jeans and T always work for horsefolk!! Filled up my truck && Loaded up and hit the road. Just as I am getting into Kerrville my truck starts being sluggish, and has no pep what so ever, and then finally dies while going uphill.... I patch in my husband for his input and what to do.... I was 6 hours away from home!!!! After a few minutes of brainstorming between him and friends, the conclusion was my fuel filter, and changing that was a dang chore. Burnt arms, busted knuckles, jerks at the auto parts house, and tons of sweat later, it was replaced and my truck running like a top again. I get to location covered in sweat and oil, and thankfully  my clients understood all too well!!!

I had an amazing opportunity to work with Carrol, meeting her mother and grandmother in the process. All, my kind of people.

When horse people get around other horse people, there's a new language spoken, and its one that speaks directly to my heart!!

I cannot be more thrilled to have Carrol, and her herd a part of this amazing series, and allowing me the gracious chance to capture this all forever in time for her.