Kayla & Kelsey Jung

Deja vu, is the words that best described this session, although it took some time for it to actually hit me, actually at the end of the session while I was visiting with Mrs. Noelle, it finally dawned on me, where I was.

Rewind to an hour prior to our session,  I was driving in, feeling fully confident I knew where I was going, as I knew the name of the road they lived down... Or so I thought. Well, in a way I was right, it just no longer connected, I was just on the wrong end!! After emails, my phone dropping calls, and skitzing out, I was so afraid that Mrs. Noelle, considered me an amateur, and not someone serious about her work! Thankfully that was not the case! Once I realized I had to haul butt to the other side of Coldspring, with adequate cell service I found my way to their house. Upon pulling in I recognized the ornate gate, a cutting horse silhouette, it was then that this little seed was planted that I have been here before, I just couldn't place it.

Upon meeting Kayla and Kelsey, they were very quiet and reserved, but oh! Their love for their horses and the sport the competed in was radiating and easily broke down their walls so we could have fun!

I did something a little different in this session than I do most, I just let these girls interact with their horses. I coached some poses, but overall I let these girl interpret what they wanted to do with that idea. Before too long, I had girls hanging upside down off the backs of the most solid, sandstill,, bomb proof horses. My jaw and belly ached from all the laughs and smiles we got out of them.

These two were such a joy to watch, and even more so when I put the spotlight on them being sisters. It made my heart oh so happy, watching them enjoy eachother, even if it was just for a few shots. They were just precious.

I enjoy these session most, as horses will always be my first love, and something I will always have a passion to chase, so when I get to meet 'horse people' I dive deep into conversations, some that my husband calls a 'foreign language conversation', because as any horse person knows, there is a such thing as 'horse talk'. Noelle and I chatted it up about so many things, from the girls, dogs, horses, homes, wrecks, and so much more. We got to talking about their place after I complimented their gorgeous place. They had rolling hills, IN COLDSPRING YALL! It is breathtaking. I could stay out there all day!

She began telling me about how they got this place, and that the older man who owned it just fell in love with the girls, and ask them to make an offer (totally making a long story much shorter), which they did, and he accepted it. She dropped only his first name, and man talk about a freight train of memories hitting me!!

Harlyn Nagel. An old cow horse trainer, breeder, and businessman. I learned so much from this man, and hes highly respected in my eyes and life. It was so heartwarming to hear Noelle talk about how he fell in love with the girls' love for riding and horses, and blessed them with this beautiful place for them to grow and to continue to ride!

Blessings are every where yall!