Spots, spots, and MORE SPOTS!!! Michelle, Abigail, & Benjamin

I was definitely seeing spots this session! Spots of all shapes, sizes and COLORS!!!
     I had the amazing chance to FINALLY meet Benjamin, a lemon spotted Dalmatian that I have been so eager to meet. His unique color deeply intrigued me, and I just couldn't wait to see him in person. Boy, was he full of life!! Just a BIIIGGGG puppy too!! I was definitely blown away by his personality and playfulness. Upon meeting him, I got a full on hug greeting from that handsome boy, and we were good from then on out!

     When I met Abigail, she was much more contained, calm, gentle and sweet, just like a lady should be. Now, later on in our session, she must have got comfortable because she took off likea rocket!! She played, and begged Benjamin to chase her, and their infamous plastic water bottle toy. It was definitely a joy to watch them.

     Now a little backstory; Dalmatians have always been close to my heart, for many reasons, and the movie was not the reason. I was fortunate enough to grow up with an amazing Dalmatian named Tootsie Roll, "Rollers", "Dot", "Dottie" and so many other nicknames we gave her. She was a spaz, but nonetheless a very loving and unforgettable dog. I remember she would sleep on our couch with a blanket and pillow covering herself up like a human. I'm not sure if she knew she was a dog? Or if she thought she was a human? Either way, she made life very interesting. Rollers was with our family for a long time, until her passing, which was very hard on us all. She is truly missed every day, and being given the opportunity to come out to Michelle's and meet all her spotted babies, definitely made my day and her memory shine even brighter.

     Michelle, thank you for allowing me to come out and meet ALL of your precious Dalmatian kids! You truly are an inspiring young woman, ,and one I am proud to call friend!