Amy & Isaac

I have never met two people more in love with one another and with their unborn baby, until I met Amy and Isaac.

These two have smiles, laughs and personalities that are completely infectious, and simply make your heart happy, and good.

Working with Amy & Isaac, listening to them talk about their baby, I could see their love for her radiating from them, and it was so beautiful. I love that Amy was so bubbly and genuine, and that in every shot I was able to capture a real smile and laugh, all the while Isaac was being the usual dad goofball!!

We had so much fun during their session, and they are definitely one of my favorite parents to ever work with.

I cannot wait to see and meet their precious baby girl, and I wish them many years of happiness!

Lexi & Price

These two amazing people, have become some of my most treasured friends! I met them first when I covered their cousins wedding, and then I was soon to cover their wedding. I would have never imagined a friendship such as theirs, to blossom from such beautiful things!

Since then, I have been blessed to capture family, holiday and now THEIR OWN NEW FAMILY photos!!

OH MAN! Was I ever excited to hear that they were having a baby! I remember running to my husband, who happened to be in the shower screaming "LEXI AND PRICE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!!" He laughed at my excitement, and congratulated them.

Fast forward to big baby bumping, I traveled to Georgetown with the sweetest little assistant with me, my daughter Kadence, and once again captured such a huge milestone moment in their lives!

Maternity sessions are some of my favorite to shoot. I love seeing Moms and Dads in sheer awe of their growing baby! These two parents are so in love already, and little Ms. Berkley is so adored, already!!!!